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You Decide - We Act !


The "LOOK"

What overall colour scheme do you want?

How do you want your Logo displayed?

Do you want a Flash intro or header?

Where do you want the menu?

Do you want us to create a Logo for you?

What images/graphics do you want on the home page and where do you want them?

Do you want the same header & menu for all pages as on the home page?
If so, the home page graphics will be the template for the other pages.


What pages/information do you want to include in the site?

What text and/or graphics do you want on each of these pages?

To what other websites would you like to be linked?

How frequently will you need updates to the website?


Step 1 - Design
Based on your decisions, we do a preliminary design.
You approve or change it.

Step 2 - Content
We create your pages.
You approve or make changes.

Step 3 - Publish
We upload the website to your server or ours (your choice).

Step 4 - Reassess
A month after your website is posted, with your input, we evaluate whether it is acceptable, or not.
If it is acceptable, we are done, except for updates as you need them.
If parts are not acceptable, we will change them.

Please Note:
Because you approved the design and content in Steps 1 & 2, any changes made in Step 4 are subject to our hourly rates. (please see our rates page)