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If you do not have a website:
We can provide you with domain registration and hosting at a reasonable rate. We will update your domain name ownership on an annual basis for you or if you need a longer term domain ownership, we will arrange it.

If you already have a website, signs that you need to update your website include:
- it is difficult to find in a search.
- you have received negative calls, comments or email about the services you feature.
- the info on it is outdated and doesn't communicate your company's purpose.
- your website's focus has changed.
- it is still using frames.
- it doesn't take advantage of server side technologies.
- it doesn't use cascading style sheets.
- it doesn't use Flash.

You may be paying too much for your website.

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The number of pages required for a website is determined by the complexity of the site. Page loading time can be reduced by preloading images and using templates.

Surfers are impatient - too many unique pages and/or graphics/photos on a page slows loading time and reduces the number of potential clients. We advise you of the best use of loading time.

Even a well designed single page can be a very effective advertisement. Additional pages allow you to focus on different areas of your business and graphically illustrate the quality of your service.

All artwork, logos and text remain the property of the client with all copyrights owned by them.

Flash animation can put your site ahead of the competition. We can create a flash 'movie' or incorporate a flash header into your site.
Note:   As of March, 2011, Flash wil not work on the Apple iPad.